APrIGF 2014 (Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum) to be held in India

APrIGF 2014 (Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum) will be held in India.

The 2013 APrIGF is going on in Seoul currently.

More details will be available later.

“I am glad to share good news from Korea, where APrIGF 2013 is in progress, that our India has been recognized to host APrIGF in 2014. No such event can have any legitimacy without India’s support in Asia Pacific. All are recognizing, frankly, we need to do the same and specially, in front of others. We have to further strengthen our cause with explicit support to our sovereign’s concerns on vulnerability of our Internet infrastructure,” said Rajesh Chharia, president, Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI).

APrIGF 2014

Asia has the strongest growing demand for Internet addresses thanks to rapid growth of Internet. This is in contrast to North America and Europe.

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) serves as a platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration at a regional level, and also where possible to aggregate national IGF discussions, ultimately advance the Internet governance development in the Asia Pacific region.

APrIGF is designed to raise awareness and encourage participation from relevant stakeholders around the region on Internet governance issues, as well as to foster multi-lateral, multi-stakeholder discussion about issues pertinent to the Internet in Asia.

A Youth IGF also become an integral part of the APrIGF whereby they are held in parallel annually featuring a simulation of the multi-stakeholder discussion model among the young people on various Internet governance issues.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) annual events were previously held in Greece (2006), Brazil (2007), India (2008), and Egypt (2009), Lithuania (2010), Kenya (2011), Azerbaijan (2012). The IGF approach is an open forum for knowledge sharing between stakeholders across borders, which in turn inform local policy development.

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