Bezeq trials FTTx solutions

Bezeq network in Israel
ADTRAN has begun to conduct field trials of its range of FTTx solutions for Bezeq in the largest city of Israel.

The trial will deploy copper loop lengths and Internet speeds will be offered on ADTRAN architecture, claiming to give flexibility with chipset vendor selection and port densities.

Bezeq will utilize its widespread existing infrastructure to deliver the new generation of ultrafast and Gigabit broadband services in order to instantly market it. solutions will conduct advanced trials along with 60 operators worldwide, to expand its range and speed for establishing Fiber-to-the-distribution point (FTTdp) and FTTCab deployments.

Current trials on 8-port and 16-port ADTRAN distribution point units (DPUs) are physical layer and chipset agnostic, claiming fast service provisioning and activation.

“Bezeq is committed to delivering infrastructure for a Gigabit society, and it’s clear how will play a vital role in accomplishing this for many areas throughout Israel, alongside traditional FTTP approaches where required,” said Dr. Eduard Scheiterer, Senior Vice President, Research and Development, ADTRAN.

The solutions use open, Software-Defined Network (SDN) principles providing plug and play capability within multi-vendor FTTx infrastructures.

Joint efforts with Broadband Forum have lead to open APIs and interfaces boosting network integration, avoiding vendor lock-in and liberating operators in their procurement decisions. Bezeq and other providers also prefer broad variety of solutions available in market for ultrafast broadband services by using current cabinet locations.

“Our trials have proven to be both an innovative and a pragmatic broadband technology that creates new possibilities thanks to its flexible deployment capabilities. We are pleased that ADTRAN has enabled us to accelerate the delivery of new transformative Gigabit broadband services,” said Yaki Zano, CTIO, Bezeq.“

The strategic collaboration between the companies resulting in and executive workshops at the ADTRAN worldwide headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama, and in New York City, with the intention of offering world-class access strategy for the Israeli market.

“As exciting new capabilities develop, and other access solutions such as ADTRAN’s will continue to redefine the business case for advanced residential and enterprise services, confirming Bezeq’s leading position in Israel’s digital future, ” added Zano.

The former company recently supplied elements of its 500G series of equipment to the latter.

The 500G series of the company introduced recently will support trials with more than 60 operators worldwide, including both fiber-to-the-distribution point (FTTdp) and fiber-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) deployments.