Bluevia starts offering wholesale FTTH access in Spain

Bluevia, the network operator that offers wholesale FTTH access in Spain, has started its commercial business.
Optical fiber investmentBluevia is owned by Telefonica Spain, Telefonica Infra and the consortium formed by Credit Agricole Assurances and Vauban Infrastructure Partners.

Bluevia will expand its fibre broadband network to reach 5 million premises by the end of 2024 from 3.9 million premises it acquired from Telefonica Spain.

Luis Rivera, CEO of Bluevia, said: “We aspire to expand the development outside the big cities. To this end, we will support Telefonica’s fibre operations, boosting and accelerating new deployments. Bluevia is an open company, with a fibre network available to all.”

Credit Agricole Assurances and Vauban Infrastructure Partners in July acquired 45 percent of Bluevia for 1,021 million euros in cash, valuing Bluevia at 2,500 million euros, which represents an implied multiple of 27.1x over the company’s proforma estimated OIBDA for 2022.

With this investment, Telefonica Infra has FTTH vehicles in Spain, Germany, UK and Brazil with businesses operating in each of these countries in partnership with top-tier financial institutions.