BT Launches NB-IoT Network to Power UK Smart Cities and Industries

BT, a leading telecommunications provider, has launched its NB-IoT network in the UK. The network, covering an impressive 97 percent of the UK population, is built upon the EE mobile network infrastructure.
BT broadbandNB-IoT, characterized by its low-power consumption, holds the potential to reshape industries such as utilities, construction, and the public sector. It enables the automation of processes that currently rely on manual oversight or direct intervention.

The deployment of BT’s NB-IoT network will facilitate the connection of low-data-demand assets, such as street lighting and underground water sensors, through a sophisticated smart network. This not only extends the lifespan of device batteries but also enhances operational efficiency and reduces costs. For instance, the network can automatically detect leaks in water infrastructure, leading to swift interventions and savings.

Moreover, the network’s rollout positions BT to propel the development of ‘smart cities’ by enabling applications that monitor and optimize energy consumption, storage, and distribution. In the agricultural sector, IoT connectivity promises significant advantages. BT has previously conducted trials involving sensors to monitor haystack temperature, mitigating fire risks, and deploying gate sensors for livestock management.

“Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of IoT applications, and our UK-wide NB-IoT network opens up a wide range of connectivity solutions for monitors, sensors, and other smart devices,” Chris Keone, Managing Director of Division X at BT, said.

This network expansion complements BT’s existing IoT portfolio, which includes eSIMs and IoT national roaming SIMs tailored for UK businesses. These offerings ensure enhanced connectivity for customers, particularly those operating in mobile or remote environments.