BT offers 100 Mbps broadband and £20 if you don’t get that speed

BT free WiFi in London
UK telecom operator BT has promised to offer 100 Mbps speed as per its new broadband packages and a whopping compensation of £20 if you don’t get that speed in your home or office.

BT has two new Ultrafast Fibre packages with speeds of up to 152Mbps and up to 314Mbps and promises a minimum speed of 100Mbps under the two plans.

Indian telecom operators such as Bharti Airtel, BSNL, Reliance Jio, among others, do not offer compensation as part of their broadband or mobile Internet plans.

BT said broadband customers who sign up for either package will get compensation if their download speed ever falls below 100Mbps.

Other internet service providers are not currently guaranteeing 100 Mbps speed – backed by compensation.

The 100Mbps guarantee means customers can enjoy ten times the UK average standard broadband speeds at peak times. Customers on Ultrafast 2 will be able to download an HD movie in less than 3 minutes versus nearly 60 minutes with standard broadband.

The starting price for Ultrafast Fibre 1 will be £54.99 per month. The starting price for Ultrafast Fibre 2 will be £59.99 per month.

BT is offering its new Smart Hub, a wi-fi router versus and access to 5 million Wi-fi hotspots.

More than a quarter of a million homes in the UK can use BT Ultrafast Fibre broadband today — with a 100Mbps guarantee. The expansion of BT Ultrafast Fibre broadband is part of the group strategy to make substantial investment in broadband network.

Marc Allera, chief executive of BT Consumer, said: “Customers will have complete peace of mind that they can always rely on Ultrafast Fibre, backed up by the promise that we’ll give them £20 if their speed ever falls below 100Mbps.”