BT reaches job agreement with Communication Workers Union

BT announced it reached an agreement the Communication Workers Union (CWU), its largest union, on job cut and other measures.
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BT has committed to implement a pay increase for team members and management teams in the UK that will be awarded next year. The precise details will be determined nearer the time and will depend on various factors including business performance, economic outlook and inflation.

BT has agreed to look at the timing and location of some of the sites it is proposing to close in order to minimize the impact on employees. BT will only propose to close buildings where it anticipates colleagues can relocate to an alternative location. BT’s principles will guide future planning and it will talk to the union to develop the plan.

There are no changes to locations and sites previously announced, BT said in a media statement on Thursday.

Around 10,000 employees will choose to leave BT a year. BT will consider steps to avoid compulsory redundancy where we reasonably can. BT will be seeking volunteers through the use of voluntary paid leaver schemes, supporting colleagues to move to new roles by retraining and reskilling, and helping them to move to new locations.