BusyInternet deploys Alvarion’s 4Motion solution in a Ghana city of 2.3 million people

Telecom Lead Africa: BusyInternet, an Internet service provider, has deployed Alvarion’s 4Motion solution in Accra, Ghana, a city of approximately 2.3 million.

Alvarion’s 4Motion solution replaces an existing solution to deliver reliable and quality bandwidth and services needed from corporate customers.


BusyInternet promises more than 98.7 percent uptime to enterprises in Accra.

“As an ISP operating in the high-end segment of the market, we place very specific demands on the network we deploy in order to deliver the high-quality user experience we promise our customers,” said Praveen Sadalage, managing director of BusyInternet. “The 4Motion solution met these demands for superior reliability and quality of service.”

BusyInternet chose Alvarion’s 4Motion solution operating in the 2.3 GHz spectrum to replace its existing Canopy solution and deliver connectivity to corporate and business customers. Alvarion’s 4Motion solution helps operators offer a variety of IP-based voice and high speed data services over a unified platform using 802.16e technology.

BusyInternet is planning on expanding its 4Motion-based network to additional cities in Ghana, including Kumasi, Tamale, Tarkwa and Takoradi among other major markets.

“We are excited to have won BusyInternet as a customer in Ghana and help them maintain a state-of-the art network to better serve their customers and effectively support their business model,” said Hezi Lapid, president and CEO of Alvarion. “Alvarion has been a leader in providing wireless broadband connectivity in Africa and we continue to see great opportunities for us in this region for both our licensed and unlicensed businesses.”

Recently, TelecomLead.com reported that Alvarion deployed its wireless broadband solutions in 300 municipalities across 24 different states in Brazil.

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