Calix signs deal with 10 new municipal broadband providers

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Calix announced its deal with 10 new municipal broadband providers in North America to support their network rollouts.

Owensboro Municipal Utilities (OMU) in Kentucky is launching a new fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) pilot project for more than 500 homes, which includes a gigabit broadband service option enabled by the Calix E7-2 Ethernet Services Access Platform (ESAP) and 844G GigaCenters.

“Leveraging our fiber network, partnering with Calix, and utilizing the Carrier Class Wi-Fi of the GigaCenters, we will be able to deliver the best possible user experience for our subscribers,” said Christopher Poynter, telecommunications superintendent at OMU.

Calix is the key partner in 40 community-owned networks in the U.S. alone, including these 10 new communities spanning seven different states.

After starting with a fiber fed smart grid deployment, the Concord, Massachusetts community owned utility has expanded into business and residential services.

The city-owned utility of Erwin, Tennessee will double its FTTH footprint in the coming months with plans to expand gigabit broadband and voice services throughout its electrical serving area within five years.

Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) manages the residential deployment in nearby Leverett, MA as that community continues to roll out gigabit broadband service over Calix systems as well.

Velocity Broadband, the City of Hudson, announced an initial pilot project for commercial customers in the Executive Parkway area, which included gigabit services, with plans to expand into other business areas in 2016.

Salisbury, North Carolina is offering both 10 gigabit and 1 gigabit broadband speeds, as well as voice and video services throughout their community.

Massachusetts’ SELCO will expand into fiber broadband services in new residential areas.

Wisconsin’s Sun Prairie Utilities is now expanding its fiber infrastructure to providing high-speed Internet services in a large subdivision of single family homes.

TMLP Online is delivering symmetrical Internet speeds to residents and businesses in Taunton.

Waverly Utilities is planning to bring gigabit broadband services, including video and voice offerings to residents in the Waverly community.

“Each of these 10 communities can make a significant impact in stimulating the economy of the town they serve and the surrounding area,” said John Colvin, senior vice president of North American sales at Calix.

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