Cambium launches wireless broadband router C3 VoIP-200

Cambium Networks has launched C3 VoIP-200, a wireless broadband router for network operators, service providers, and wireless Internet service providers (WISPs).

Telecoms can offer voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, local networking, and end-to-end management to their subscribers and end users utilizing Cambium Networks’ C3 VoIP-200.

The wireless broadband solutions provider said C3 VoIP-200 incorporates remote management tools, integration with an analog telephone adaptor (ATA) and an option to power a Cambium Networks fixed wireless broadband subscriber module to yield network operators a swift return on investment when introducing VoIP services.

Scott Imhoff, VP of product management, Cambium Networks, said: “C3 VoIP-200 interfaces with network operators’ and customers’ existing equipment and devices, further facilitating seamless delivery of revenue-generating VoIP services.”

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