China Mobile deploys home gateway technology with Nokia

China Mobile VoLTEChina Mobile is deploying home gateways to offer fiber-based ultra-broadband applications and intelligent home services to residential customers across 29 different provinces in China.

China Mobile will deploy home gateway units with Nokia’s solution to over 30 million users during 2017. Using fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks, which bring gigabit speeds to customers, the new gateway will extend internet coverage in the home and enable IoT communications between devices and sensors.

Nokia said this contract extends a fixed networks deal between China Mobile and Nokia which also included the development of its GPON network for mobile backhaul.

“Our home gateway solution provides China Mobile with ultra-broadband access technology they need to capitalize on IoT and deliver new services that support their evolving customer needs,” said Federico Guillen, president of Nokia’s Fixed Networks Business Group.

China Mobile is progressing fast as a converged telecommunications operator — with more than 31 million FTTH subscribers — and has proven it can leverage its fiber access network to deliver ultra-broadband applications such as 4K TV services and Gigabit access.

“With the addition of intelligent home gateway technology, China Mobile will be able to further differentiate its services, providing consumers with enhanced internet coverage in the home and  a more  seamless experience for connecting various devices and sensors,” said Roland Montagne, principal analyst at IDATE.