China Unicom taps Assia to better experience to 10 million DSL customers

China Unicom Broadband Online, the Internet and value-added service provider of the China Unicom Group, will deploy Assia network management systems across China – covering more than 10 million DSL customers.

As per the broadband deal that includes 15 provincial operations, China Unicom Group will benefit from Expresse Solutions from Assia.

China Unicom Broadband Online will introduce DSL Expresse diagnostics and optimization features to enhance its broadband-on-demand and value-added services.

Jack He, GM of China Unicom Broadband Online, said DSL Expresse is an important technology that China Unicom Group will use to meet the requirements for the Broadband China mandate.

China Unicom

Assia solutions are designed to assist China Unicom Group operations by boosting the performance of its copper-based DSL infrastructure to meet China’s national broadband plan requirements.

The company claims that DSL Expresse analyzes data collected from DSL equipment to produce unique DSL and physical layer performance diagnostics. These diagnostics help the operator improve customer care and increase technical staff efficiency, reducing the number of steps required to restore service, and reducing expensive technician visits through improved problem localization.

DSL Expresse automatically applies DSL profiles without human intervention in order to improve the quality of experience for individual consumers, based upon the product and service tiers the consumer has purchased.

Telecom operators have traditionally defined a limited number of profiles for their network and applied them to their DSLs manually, using simple criteria such as loop length. Assia optimization functionality provides capabilities to ensure optimized speed with the best possible stability for each DSL connection. This further helps to drive customer satisfaction rates higher, and to ensure DSL service revenue growth from existing copper-based networks.

The partnership is designed to improve the residential broadband experience in both urban and rural areas. Assia DSL Expresse products and solutions help China Unicom Broadband Online accelerate time-to-market for its high-speed Internet service offerings, which include a range of value-added services and future OTT video services.