Chinese MVNO Busap to invest $165 million for in-bus Wi-Fi platform

Chinese mobile virtual network operator Busap is planning to invest $165 million in-bus Wi-Fi platform.

The platform will add 100,000 new in-bus Wi-Fi spots in 2014 in addition to the existing 50,000 spots in 22 provincial capitals and other select cities across China, resulting in 150,000 in-bus Wi-Fi spots in 33 provincial capitals and other major cities by year end.

The MVNO claims that the MyWiFi-branded platform will become China’s largest in-bus mobile application platform, leveraging a customer base of 200 million bus riders.

The MVNO aims to enable access to in-bus data services and allow bus management companies and their passengers to enjoy digital solutions and mobile internet to generate a smart in-bus lifestyle in the mobile internet era.


Busap will start its Wi-Fi pilot in 50,000 buses with in-bus internet access in the second quarter of 2014 and increase the number to 150,000 buses within one year after formally becoming one of the resellers of mobile telecom services.

The Wi-Fi business provides bus management companies with video surveillance services, allowing them to know vehicle conditions and to provide timely dispatching, in addition to information services including applications for bus management firms.

Busap’s MyWiFi will be available for in- and off-network users — in-network users can switch from 4G/3G to Wi-Fi. Users will not face limitations on the amount of mobile data traffic or number of applications downloaded.

MyWiFi’s Wi-Fi Store offers 150 MB in-vehicle Wi-Fi access for downloading of free mobile games and other applications.

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