Comcast Business connects American Furniture Rentals

Internet from ComcastAmerican Furniture Rentals, a furniture rental company in America, is utilizing Comcast Business Ethernet to connect its 22 showrooms and warehouses.

Comcast Business is supporting American Furniture Rentals — founded in 1975 as a local residential furniture company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — to ensure quality customer service by supporting cloud-based inventory management and sales services.

American Furniture Rentals relies on cloud-based programs for store and corporate operations including the inventory management platform, point-of-sales system, etc.

“With close to 1.5 million assets to track, our team relies on Comcast’s service to gain real-time inventory insight to address customer requests – whether that request is made in a store, over the phone or in the field as the sales team meets with clients,” said Steven Singer, manager of information systems, American Furniture Rentals.

American Furniture Rentals implemented Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet at each of its 22 retail and warehouse locations with speeds ranging from 100 to 200 Megabits-per-second (Mbps).

The company’s headquarters, which needed more capacity, has a 4 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) service to enable the field sales team to access the enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory, point-of-sales and other systems.

American Furniture Rentals earlier maintained a private network between buildings. But it faced difficulties in adding a new branch to this network.

“We needed one company that could work with us on a national level to provide all of our locations with high-quality, cost-effective, reliable network services,” said Adam Scholnick, CIO of American Furniture Rentals.

“Comcast Business’ extensive national network ensures that American Furniture Rentals and other national firms are able to quickly expand their businesses while providing a consistent technology infrastructure,” said Dave Dombroski, vice president for Comcast Business, Freedom Region.