Comprehending a Power Dialer: A Deep Dive into Its Features with Focus on Aircall

This article explores the definition and functioning of a power dialer while highlighting Aircall’s own dialer and the benefits organizations accrue from integrating it into their operations in increasing efficiency.
leading power dialer Aircall

Understanding What a Power Dialer Is

Several organisations are integrating a power dialer in their sales or customer service team to ease the process for their contact centre agents and clients. It functions as an automatic dialer for contact centre agents to compile a list of clients’ numbers and call them subsequently in a queue. This increases the team’s efficiency by reducing your agents’ idle time. It saves time from the effort to input the numbers manually. One of the leading power dialers is Aircall, which encourages you to integrate it with Salesforce or your preferred CRM. The CRM enables organisations to input numbers from a client’s website into the log list. It also provides pop-up texts with context to every call while allowing agents to take notes for follow-ups. They also assign a relevant person to the caller.

How the Power Dialer Works on Aircall

A power dialer enables your contact agents to make more calls with less effort. Once a call ends, another follows. If the number is unreachable, it dials a subsequent number on the queue. The Aircall power dialer eases the repetitive task by automatically dialling the numbers while integrating it with your CRM. You can utilise the power dialer via browser extensions in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox to detect numbers from websites. You can add these numbers to the power dialer and filter out those you wish to add or reorder. It identifies valid, invalid, and duplicate numbers from the Power dialer list.

You may also add other numbers to the list from a different website or finalise the list, start the dialling session, and choose the phone number for the outbound calls. The selected phone number automatically initiates the calls once you start the session. You cannot switch the selected phone number in an active session hence it’s maintained throughout the session.

Features of Aircall’s Power Dialer

Aircall’s power dialer provides superior features on the Aircall professional plan. Aircall’s power dialer-list only accommodates 1000 numbers at a time. If you have over 1000 numbers, ensure you divide them into lists no more than 1000 while adding each part individually. You may execute the following actions:

  • Erase numbers from the queue while still on a current call.
  • Erase the entire queue by clicking Delete All while in session.
  • Temporarily pause the calling sequence and enter into its Switch Off session.
  • Enable agents to skip to the next call manually.
  • Hang up a current call and move to the next in the queue.
  • Analyse information linked to the CRM in the call view.
  • Engage with the CRM by taking notes, tagging, commenting and issuing follow-up steps such as assigning to a relevant person.

Benefitting from Aircall’s Power Dialer

The significant merit of a power dialer is its time savings on repetitive tasks by automatically identifying numbers and adding them to the list sequence. You also develop smart call queues that appropriate calls to selected agents. The organisation addresses calls by the required personnel promptly. There are also productive conversations by providing context before a call in the pop-ups and enabling agents to record notes, tags, and follow-up reminders.


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