Deutsche Telekom expands FTTH broadband in Bavaria

Deutsche Telekom network EuropeDeutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hottges today made several announcements for the telecom market in Bavaria, Germany.

First, Deutsche Telekom is doubling the speed of the broadband Internet in 1,250 Bavarian municipalities to up to 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s) – targeting more than 800,000 or 98 percent of households — from a maximum of 50 Mbit/s at present.

“Our goal is to achieve gigabit internet for every household by 2025, and more than 40,000 kilometers of fiber optics are already being laid in Bavaria,” Bavaria’s prime minister Markus Soder said.

Second, Deutsche Telekom will be offering 250 Mbit/s broadband lines by August to 1.8 million Bavarian households.

“We are also focusing on pure fiber-optic lines. Bavaria is FTTH-ready. We will be able to produce pure fiber-optic lines in nearly all exchanges by the end of the year,” Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hottges said.

Third, Deutsche Telekom is using modern trenching technology to lay the cables, which speeds up installation of optical fibers by a factor of four. The installation of above-ground lines is also driving the fiber-optic rollout.

Fourth, Deutsche Telekom has doubled its build-out efforts in each of the last three years in Bavaria. Deutsche Telekom has laid out more than 17,000 kilometers of optical fiber in 2017 alone.

Bavaria’s broadband support program is the largest FTTH project in Germany. Deutsche Telekom has targeted some 120,000 households for connection. In addition, the telecom operator will connect 470 business parks to the fiber-optic network by 2022 targeting 50,000 businesses.

Fifth, Deutsche Telekom is building a thousand new mobile stations in Bavaria by the end of 2020, with a focus on important transportation routes and rural areas.

Deutsche Telekom is also modernizing its mobile facilities in Bavaria. Deutsche Telekom will ensure that fast transmission speeds are available in nearly the entire mobile network in 2019.