DISH Network revenue surges despite losing mobile users

DISH Network posted significant increase in revenue despite losing wireless phone customers on its network during the third quarter of 2020.
DISH Network retail storeDISH Network Corporation reported revenue totaling $4.53 billion for the quarter ending September 30, 2020, compared to $3.17 billion for the same period in 2019.

DISH Network’s net income totaled $505 million for the third quarter 2020, compared to $353 million from the year-ago quarter.


Net pay-TV subscribers increased approximately 116,000 in the third quarter, compared to an increase of approximately 148,000 in the year-ago quarter.

The company closed the quarter with 11.42 million pay-TV subscribers, including 8.96 million DISH TV subscribers and 2.46 million SLING TV subscribers.


DISH Network completed the acquisition of the Boost Mobile business on July 1, 2020, and acquired more than 9 million retail wireless subscribers as a result. DISH currently operates its wireless business as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

Retail wireless net subscribers decreased by approximately 212,000 in the third quarter.

The company closed the quarter with 9.42 million retail wireless subscribers.

DISH Network’s 2020 revenue through the third quarter totaled $10.94 billion, compared to $9.57 billion in revenue from the same period last year. In the first nine months of 2020, net income totaled $1.03 billion, compared with $1.01 billion during the same period last year.