EE aims more revenue from new Fibre Max broadband plans

BT owned EE has introduced Fibre Max 1 and Fibre Max 2 broadband services to enhance revenue from its home broadband customers in the UK.
EE home broadband
EE’s strategy is to provide better speed — download speed of 145Mbps / upload speed of 28Mbps from Fibre Max 1 and download speed 300Mbps / average upload speed 47Mbps from Fibre Max 2 plans.

EE clarified that average download speeds are based on the speed available to at least 50 percent of customers at peak time (8-10pm). EE also said broadband speed depends on the distance to the nearest street cabinet that connects customers to its network and number of users.

Broadband users can opt for EE’s Fibre Max 2 plans for downloading and streaming HD and 4K UHD videos with average speeds of 300Mbps. EE said its Fibre Max 2 enables customers to download an HD TV show in 12 seconds or the latest album from their band in three seconds.

Internet users can select Fibre Max 2 — with average upload speeds of 47Mbps — to upload a photo onto their social media channel in a tenth of a second.

EE is offering 20GB data allowance to customers of the new Fibre Max plans if they are on a pay monthly handset plan. The lead account holder can use the extra data or share with the rest of the family each month.

Fibre Max 1 costs £42 per month and Fibre Max 2 costs £47 per month, both on an 18-month contract with unlimited usage. EE TV is also available for an additional £8 per month. EE has waived the set-up fee £50 for a limited time for new and upgrading customers who sign up to the new plans.

EE is also offering a free BT Whole Home Wi-Fi worth £199 to encourage existing Internet customers who upgrade by 25 July.

EE is using Gfast technology to launch Fibre Max plans. Customers can find out if they’re eligible and which plans and speeds they can receive online via EE’s broadband line checker, in retail stores, or over the phone.