Energia to make investment in deploying G.fast technology in Japan

G.fast broadband technology
Energia Communications (EneCom) will make investment in deploying G.fast technology in Japan.

Nokia will assist Energia Communications to use its existing copper networks to deliver up to 1Gbps broadband service to residential subscribers in Japan.

Its customers can use 1Gbps broadband service to benefit from high bandwidth TVs, streaming HD video and Internet-connected devices.

Nokia says it has more than 34 G.fast trials with customers globally. Chunghwa Telecom, Energia Communications and A1 Telekom have tapped Nokia for G.fast deployments.

EneCom will use Nokia’s built-in vectoring technology to effectively reduce cross-talk interference that typically impacts data speeds over copper networks, enabling EneCom to achieve speeds close to 1Gbps.

The Japanese telecoms can effectively use the last few hundred meters of existing copper to deliver ultra-broadband access to customers, eliminating the need to rewire premises, which can be a costly and time-consuming part of any fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment.

As per the broadband technology deal, EneCom will initially deploy the G.fast technology in the Chugokua region of Japan starting in June 2016.

“G.fast is quickly proving to be a great way to do this in areas that are too complex or expensive to fully deploy FTTH solutions,” said Naoki Okura, head of Global Enterprise & Public Sector in Japan for Nokia.

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