Excitel taps Aprecomm to deploy AI technology to optimize Wi-Fi

Excitel, a fiber broadband provider in India, announced its partnership with Aprecomm to deploy AI technology to remotely optimize its Wi-Fi connections.
The deployment of AI technology will help Excitel bring down the customer issue resolution time and enhance the customer experience on its network of almost 600,000 connected households in 22 cities across the country.

Aprecomm’s AI Stack for WiFi OEM/ODMs allows Excitel to convert its FTTH connections to AI enabled Smart WiFi access points. The technology offers proactive monitoring and measuring of the wireless experience of the connected devices and provides real-time insights to improve the reliability and performance of the network.

Vivek Raina, CEO of Excitel Broadband, said: “With the integration of Aprecomm into our platform, we will be able to monitor the quality of Wi-Fi being accessed by individual devices. Our customer service agent using this technology can remotely solve many such issues for the client.”

The measurable improvements offered by the integration between Excitel and Aprecomm also lead to lower maintenance cost and improved customer satisfaction for one of the country’s fastest growing Fibre ISP.

Pramod Gumaraj, Co-Founder and CEO, Aprecomm, said: “ISPs incur huge costs owing to repeated calls and complaints on service, user dissatisfaction and some of the legacy service modules, this mandates a need to integrate 24×7 WiFi monitoring tools like VWE to identify WiFi issues instantly with end to end network visibility.”

Increase in usages and connected devices drive the need for Network Intelligence and Automation to ease management.

“With VWE, we are fusing every shipped CPEs with the intelligence of the admin, customer support engineer and the WLAN experts and automate actions by correlating Terabytes of data in real-time,” Pramod Gumaraj said.

Excitel has deployed the solution across 250,000 fibre connections till date. By the end of August, all Excitel fibre users will be converted to intelligent WiFi access points, enhancing their internet experience further.

Ookla recognizes Excitel as the 4th fastest and best-rated broadband network in India. According to TRAI, the company in 2020 was also amongst the Top 10 ISPs in India.