Fixed broadband experience in India: Opensignal report

Opensignal has revealed its report on the fixed broadband experience in India, analyzing real-world data from users across India and seven of India’s major cities.
Broadband experience IndiaThe exclusive report examined six measures of the fixed broadband user experience: Broadband Success Rate, Consistent Quality, Video Experience, Download Speed, Peak Download Speed, and Upload Speed.

Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio excel nationally in various aspects of the Indian broadband user experience. Airtel is leading in terms of broadband speeds in India, outpacing Jio and BSNL in Broadband Download and Upload Speed, as well as Broadband Peak Download Speed.

Reliance Jio is leading in terms of Broadband Consistent Quality, outperforming the competitors, even during peak hours (6 p.m. to 12 a.m.). Jio also leads in Broadband Success Rate, closely followed by Airtel and BSNL. Jio and Airtel take the top spot in terms of Broadband Video Experience.

Opensignal has analyzed broadband experience in leading Indian major cities such as Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Airtel dominates in Ahmedabad and Mumbai for Broadband Download Speed and Broadband Peak Download Speed.

Across all seven included major cities, Jio excels at Broadband Consistent Quality either outright or jointly. Jio wins the metric outright in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, as well as doing so on the national level.

Jio users have the outright best available Broadband Video Experience in Mumbai and Hyderabad, and the provider shares first place in Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kolkata, as well as doing so on the national level.

Hathway stands out in Bengaluru with the best Broadband Download and Upload Speed. In Chennai, Hathway ties with ACT for the top spot in all three speed metrics – Broadband Download Speed, Broadband Peak Download Speed and Broadband Upload Speed.

Broadband Video Experience is generally rated as Very Good (68-78) across the seven cities analyzed in this report, with multiple providers achieving similar scores. This suggests that users are, on average, able to stream video at 1080p or better with satisfactory loading times and little stalling.

Jio excels in Broadband Consistent Quality, outperforming competitors when measured across all hours of the day, and also during peak hours. This measure of user experience evaluates the percentage of network tests that meet the minimum recommended performance threshold for commonly used applications. Users on Jio’s network recorded 62.3 percent, which dips down to 59 percent during the peak hours (6 p.m.-12 a.m.).

When it comes to broadband speeds in India, Airtel emerges as the clear winner. With a Broadband Download Speed of 42.7Mbps, Airtel outpaces Jio by 8Mbps (23 percent), and BSNL by 12.7Mbps (42.5 percent).

Airtel’s speed superiority is further highlighted by its Broadband Peak Download Speed, which reaches a stunning 219.4Mbps — 41.1 percent-57.6 percent faster than Jio and BSNL. Additionally, Airtel excels in Broadband Upload Speed, surpassing Jio by 3.9Mbps and outperforming BSNL by a significant 12.4Mbps.

In terms of Broadband Success Rate, Jio takes the lead with an impressive score of 98.2 percent, closely followed by Airtel with 98.1 percent and BSNL with 97.1 percent. These scores reflect the high number of successful tests conducted by our users on the respective broadband networks of these providers.

Jio and Airtel jointly claim the leading position in Broadband Video Experience, both earning impressive and identical scores of 68.8 points on a 100-point scale — surpassing BSNL by a significant margin of 3.4 points. By virtue of this, the experience of Airtel and Jio users rates Very Good (68-78), one rating higher than BSNL. This means that users on Jio and Airtel networks, on average, enjoy a superior video streaming experience on higher definition compared to BSNL.