Fixed broadband prices and bundle strategy

Telecom operators are pushing customers towards taking up bundled fixed broadband services due to increased revenues for multiple services, and improved customer retention / less churn.
Chart on fixed broadband plans
There is a cost benefit to broadband customers, as taking up more than one service will include a discount to services taken individually, Strategy Analytics said in its OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking Q1 2018.

The Diginet 100 Mb/s DIGI in Hungary has the cheapest service for the 30 GB, 10 Mb/s service basket for a user with modest speed requirements (10Mb/s or above), and moderate data requirements (30 GB/month).

The Diginet 100 service, at 100 Mb/s download and upload, costs just under USD PPP15 per month. It includes a guaranteed minimum download speed of 25 Mb/s.

Comcast, which is the cheapest provider in the USA for this basket, is pricing over USD PPP 55 per month with its 15 Mb/s Xfinity – Performance Starter service. The cost of the Comcast service is 3.7 times more expensive than cheapest provider, DIGI, while the OECD average is just under USD PPP 31.