Glo Fiber to build fiber network in Sussex County, Delaware

Glo Fiber, powered by Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, plans to build a fiber network in Sussex County, DE.
India fiber network
Glo Fiber aims to deliver an all-fiber high-speed service to over 21,000 homes and businesses in the County. This will be Glo Fiber’s first project in Delaware, as part of the extension of fiber-based network and services to communities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Glo Fiber did not reveal its Capex plan for building the network for which engineering and network design work are currently underway, and construction will ramp up in early 2023.

Glo Fiber — using Wi-Fi 6 technology — provides gigabit internet access, streaming TV, and phone service in the Mid-Atlantic region, with optional Wi-Fi service.

Glo Fiber — using Shentel’s 7,600-mile regional fiber network – offers high speeds, low latency, and fair pricing.