Globe Telecom taps Curvalux to deliver Internet in rural areas

Globe Telecom, a leading mobile network operator in the Philippines, has selected Curvalux to deliver cost-effective, high-speed broadband services to urban, suburban, and rural areas using an innovative phased array multibeam broadband system.
Globe Telecom 5G network
The innovative fixed wireless broadband solution from Curvalux offers improved performance through its multi-beam design. Sixteen narrowly focused, high-gain beams per Edge Node, can deliver incredible throughput and interference mitigation to serve hundreds of simultaneous users per Edge Node.

The Curvalux system is energy efficient, allowing the entire system to be operated using low-cost solar panels and batteries. This reduces operational costs and enables deployment of the system to remote areas that were previously unserved due to the lack of a reliable power source.

“Our partnership with Curvalux will allow faster deployment of high speed broadband to our customers ranging from 50 to 120 Mbps average download speeds,” said Darius Delgado, head of Broadband Business at Globe Telecom.

Globe has initially deployed this technology in 39 areas in the country and will be expanding in 315 more areas within the year.

Globe is also working with Curvalux on their Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite broadband constellation CurvaNet to complete the solution portfolio.

The CurvaNet satellite constellation will be able to deliver affordable broadband internet to the most remote areas beyond the reach of any telecom towers, infrastructure or electricity with the use of its proprietary low-cost, solar powered customer terminal, Curvalux Group CEO Richard Pak said.