Globe Telecom tests TV white space for broadband

Globe Telecom campaign
Globe Telecom today said it’s testing the use of the TV white space frequency for broadband service in several areas in Philippines, including Bohol and Cebu.

With this initiative, Globe Telecom will become the first Philippine telecom service provider to adopt the TV white space frequency for broadband investment in order to improve Internet in the country in rural areas such as Visayas and Mindanao. The move will maximize available spectrum for using mobile data.

Globe Telecom is working on enhancing cell site density of network for providing bandwidth capacity amid growth in data use.

“Construction of a single cell site involves about 25 permits with at least 8 months lead time,” said Emmanuel Estrada, senior vice president for Network Technologies Strategy at Globe Telecom.

Emmanuel Estrada said the latest TV white space equipment can deliver up to 10 megabits per second of data throughput at a maximum range of 10 kilometers and can accommodate numerous customers at any given time.

TV white space spectrum for propagation of broadband technologies is more cost efficient for ISP providers.

TV white space is located between broadcast TV channels in the UHF and VHF range of 54 MHz and 806 MHz.

The TV White Space pilot testing in Philippines is the most extensive in the Asian region. The United States has already undertaken commercial deployment while many other countries are holding trials.

Globe Telecom is also looking at the harmonization and equitable distribution of the unused 700 MHz band to enhance network capacities.