Google Announces Layoffs in Advertising Sales Team Amidst Broader Industry Shift

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, has announced the termination of hundreds of employees within its advertising sales team.
Google Android IndiaThe decision underscores a broader trend suggesting that workforce reductions will persist throughout the year as companies increasingly embrace artificial intelligence (AI) software and automation to streamline operations.

Last week, Google made headlines with its decision to lay off staff in various departments, including the Voice Assistant units, hardware teams responsible for Pixel, Nest, and Fitbit, as well as the augmented reality team.

Google has identified its customer solutions unit, catering to medium-level advertiser clients, as the pivotal team for future growth, according to a statement released by the company.

Coincidentally, the US-based ecommerce giant also announced significant layoffs last week, revealing plans to cut jobs of several hundred employees in its streaming and studio operations, along with 500 workers from its video streaming platform, Twitch.

This news follows Google’s recent unveiling of its highly anticipated AI model, Gemini, positioning itself in the race to compete with Microsoft in the artificial intelligence business.

In January 2023, Alphabet made headlines by announcing its intention to cut 12,000 jobs, equating to 6 percent of its global workforce, emphasizing the transformations within the tech conglomerate.