How to send a fax without a landline

Many companies are shifting away from the use of fax machines and landlines. Fax machines are becoming obsolete for many reasons, such as maintenance costs for landline services and extra supplies like paper and ink. Replacement parts are also scarce, and they might need to be more capable of receiving how volumes of faxes. But faxing is a form of technology that many have grown accustomed to which is why it’s still possible to send and receive faxes. Here are the latest faxing methods you should adopt for your business.
Fax machines
Is Faxing Without A Landline Possible? 

You can fax and receive documents through various services. For example, with online faxing, you don’t need a fax machine that works online with a landline service. Online faxing occurs through the cloud, similar to emails, but with more features and layers of security. That also means you don’t need paper and ink.  

You can also access your documents through the computer and mobile devices such as your smartphone, tablet, and laptop by downloading the best fax app. There are other ways that you can send a fax without needing to have your equipment. It’s easier on your pocket, too.  

Send Your Documents Without A Phone Line 

A landline is an outdated method replaced by a few options. Your documents can receive tighter security when sent through the internet instead.  

  • Choose An Online Fax Provider 

There are many online fax services on the internet. If you’re new to the service, you can research the best one to serve your needs. Online faxes can safely transmit documents with end-to-end encryption and other forms of security, like two-factor authentication.   

Choose the plan that best suits your business when registering for an account. You can sign up for free and explore the services available before settling for one. You also get a unique and free fax number and access your documents via the dashboard.  

Online faxing services also offer you other ways to send faxes. Here are some examples. 

  • Fax Via Browser  

Some services offer a web browser fax service that only requires you to have the browser installed on your computer or phone and a stable internet connection. The best online fax services are user-friendly and don’t require the user to have special skills.  

After creating an account and getting your fax number, you can create a fax by looking for the New Fax button. A new window will likely appear once you click it, where you’ll input the information, such as the destination’s fax number. Your faxes can be sent locally or internationally. Add a subject line, compose your message, and attach the document in different formats like PDF, Docx, JPG, and more.  

Ensure you haven’t forgotten any details, and then hit the send button. The service will dial the fax number of the recipient for you. You’ll receive a notification if your fax went through or not. 

  • Faxing Through Your Mobile Device 

Once you find a preferred online fax service, look for the iOS- or android-based mobile app and download it to your phone. This way of faxing and receiving documents is convenient because you can be anywhere and continue your work. Mobile formats can be slightly different from the PC version, but using the interface should be relatively easy. 

  • Enterprise Fax Servers 

Like online faxing, you can send and receive documents through servers internally managed by organizations. These servers are typically used by companies instead of an individual user. The server mainly supports faxing services. 

The server takes files or documents from other computers through a local network known as Ethernet. The documents are converted into faxable formatting and sent to recipients using faxes running on standard telephone lines.  

The fax server also receives faxes and automatically converts them into PDF files. The files are then sent to the desired locations using the local network.  

  • Send Faxes Through A Printer 

If your job doesn’t require you to send faxes often, you won’t need equipment and supplies. You can head to your local library and see if a fax machine is free for public use to send documents. You can also fax documents locally or send them to an international toll-free number for a fee. The service charges anywhere from USD$0.25 to USD$1 per page.  

These are only a few ways to send faxes without signing up and paying for a landline. These methods suit remote workers who only send faxes sometimes or wish to save money.  

In Conclusion 

There are a few ways you can send faxes conveniently, such as online fax services, fax servers, and through a local library. There may be other ways that’ll help you send faxes without having to pay for equipment. It’d be helpful to know multiple ways in case one or more are unavailable.