How Vivint Internet offers 100 Mbps speed for $59 per month?

Vivint Internet, a broadband service, offers symmetrical 100 Mbps download and upload speeds for suburban customers in the U.S.

Vivint Internet speeds are more than nine times faster than the average connection speed in the U.S. (11.1 Mbps) reported in Akamai’s Q4 2014 State of the Internet Report.

The price of Vivint Internet for up to 100 Mbps is $59.99 per month. Customers can also add to any package Vivint Voice, a VoIP service, for $14.99 per month, and/or cloud storage with Space Monkey for $9.99 per month.

Vivint uses a hub home deployment model to ensure that customers have maximum speeds, even during peak evening periods. Vivint beams high-speed data from local fiber optic access points to a hub home located centrally in a neighborhood. The hub home then relays Vivint Internet to nearby customer homes. This approach maintains the speed and integrity of the signal, ensuring that networks are not overburdened, even during the busiest hours.
Vivint antenna provides fast and affordable wireless Internet
“Many Americans have become resigned to Internet with slower-than-advertised speeds, spotty performance and abysmal customer service. Vivint Internet is faster than the top DSL speeds offered by any other provider, eliminates the dreaded 7 p.m. slowdown,” said Matt Eyring, chief strategy and innovation officer at Vivint.

More than 15,000 customers are already using Vivint Internet in several pilot cities, including San Antonio and El Paso, Texas, and many cities throughout Utah.

Vivint plans to expand its Internet service to three new markets by the end of the year, and to eight new markets in 2016. Vivint can roll out its wireless broadband service to new markets within two to four months of initial announcement because new network deployments do not require significant underground infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Arogyaswami J Paulraj, the inventor of MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) wireless communications, has joined Vivint as a technical advisor. Vivint has developed patented radios and antennas to achieve fiber-fast speeds through the air under his direction. He also pioneered MIMO-OFDMA technology that has become the core of 4G mobile systems.

Baburajan K
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