Huawei eLTE network powers Vodafone Germany during Kieler Woche

Huawei has deployed eLTE solution for Vodafone Germany to provide an eLTE-based broadband network during Kieler Woche, an international sailing event in Germany, to enable video transmission and broadcasting.

Setting up the Kieler Woche’s broadband communications network was the first application of eLTE in Germany and demonstrated the successful integration of Huawei’s eLTE solution and an operator’s LTE solution, the company said.

David Xu, general manager of Enterprise wireless domain, Huawei, said: “The project has provided us and the industry with first-hand experience in the deployment of commercial LTE TDD and LTE FDD hybrid networks.”

Since traditional Wi-Fi networks are unstable at sea and it was difficult for the filming crew to capture footage near the competing boats, Vodafone Germany used Huawei’s eLTE solution and organizers set up two DBS3900 distributed base stations across the race course to capture footage of the race.

The footage was then transmitted to mobile phones and tablets in the audience stand via an enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) that was supported by Vodafone Germany’s LTE carrier network, said Huawei.