Huawei to invest £10 million to support tech research with British universities

Huawei will invest £10 million to support technology research programs with British universities.

The funding is part of Huawei’s previously announced $2 billion investment commitment to the UK.

The £10 million funding, which will be implemented by 2017, includes key collaborations with the major British universities, with the research programmes focusing on advanced multimedia, IT and optical technology, green radio, 5G technologies, optical technology, wireless communications and product engineering.

Every year, Huawei invests over 10 percent of its revenue into R&D. In 2012, its R&D budget was $4.8 billion.

Huawei already works with telecom operators such as BT and EE in the U.K.

Huawei in a statement said it has initiated several programs in India in recent years. Huawei’s Indian R&D Center and People’s Education Society Institute of Technology are collaborating in the areas of cloud-based data center & network optimization for Software Defined Networks (SDN).

In addition, Huawei and PESIT are working in this area to innovate and resolve key problems in data center and network cross optimization by enhancing application layer traffic optimization (ALTO) and path computation element (PCE) as an evolutionary approach to SDN.

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