Huawei reveals what telecoms need to do for quality broadband

Huawei Ryan DingRyan Ding, president of the Carrier Business Group of Huawei, has revealed what telecom operators need to do for providing quality broadband for better customer experience.

International Telecommunication Union says broadband penetration increased from 18 percent in 2006 to 52 percent in 2016. More than 350 operators have launched gigabit services.

The main challenge for an operator is the long payback period of broadband investment, especially in developing countries, and as the last mile remains challenging, network operation efficiency is too low.

Speaking at the 4th Ultra-Broadband Forum in China, Ryan Ding said experience is becoming a major bottleneck that plagues broadband development and operators need to provide better experience to meet the needs of individuals, households, enterprises, and the future intelligent world.

“By increasing the efficiency of broadband investment and shortening its payback period, operators can achieve sustainable development. Huawei will work with global operators and partners across the broadband industry to build a new industry ecosystem based on quality broadband,” Ryan Ding said.

Huawei aims to help operators improve connection, service, and customer experience, and achieve precise, value-driven investment and network deployment in order to create new opportunities from broadband development.

Huawei’s Ryan Ding believes that quality broadband is possible only when experience-driven operations and value-driven network deployment are realized.

The first goal of telecom operators must be to build a visualized, manageable, and operable home network, and improve the connection experience by improving Wi-Fi access quality at home. Telecoms must improve experiences with broadband services such as video, VR, gaming, and private lines.

The focus of mobile operators should shift from building pipes to building platforms to set up their unique broadband service models. Mobile operators should improve their end-to-end process when facing end users and improve user experience and satisfaction.

“Approaching this from multiple dimensions, such as business, network assurance, and services, will make broadband services more competitive,” Ryan Ding said.

Huawei believes that mobile operators can focus on return on investment (ROI) and achieve precise investment, network deployment, and operations to shorten the payback period. Telecom operators can adopt big data technologies to achieve precise investment and planning, targeting high-value regions and users.

Top operators can use any medium such as optical fiber, copper, and wireless to increase broadband speeds while achieving the optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) for the last mile.

Telecom operators should take measures such as fixed-mobile synergy, infrastructure sharing, and creation of industry alliances for the backhaul.

Operators can introduce a lightweight operation support system (OSS), a home pass map, and other solutions for quicker broadband service provisioning, a higher rate of user broadband installation, and a shorter payback period.

Huawei has helped operators significantly improve video service experience and rapidly grow their video user base. Huawei has helped operators achieve precise investment in FTTH and efficient network deployment, greatly shortening the payback period in emerging countries.