Huawei, Telefonica Chile to deploy OTN-based 400G WDM network

Telecom equipment vendor Huawei and Telefonica Chile will deploy the world’s first commercial OTN-based 400G wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) network this year using 100G and 400G technologies.

This will be the industry’s fastest metropolitan WDM network based on 400G OTN technology, which is available only from Huawei at present, said Huawei in a statement.

To address bandwidth pressure due to Telefonica Chile’s LTE and IPTV rollouts in Chile in 2013, the telecom operator plans to deploy the metro WDM network in Chile’s capital city Santiago, which represents nearly 40 percent of the nation’s population and 45 percent of its GDP. Santiago has the largest bandwidth consumption of any city in Chile.

Telefonica Chile

Huawei says the project will adopt Huawei’s coherent 100G technology, and also PDM-16QAM-based coherent 400G technology to deliver maximum bandwidth for data centers in Santiago. OTN-based multiplexing, cross-connection, and grooming of multi-granular traffic will be introduced into the super-fast system to optimize transmission flexibility and efficiency.

Jack Wang, president of Huawei’s transport network product line, said Huawei has deployed over 150 commercial 100G networks worldwide and made several breakthroughs in the beyond-100G field.

In June 2012, Huawei and KPN International completed the world’s first 400G field trial. In December 2012, Huawei conducted the world’s first 2T field trial with Vodafone, achieving 2 Tbit/s transmission over a distance of up to 3,325 km. In March 2013, Huawei unveiled a 40T WDM prototype, the highest capacity in the industry, at the OFC/NFOEC event in America.

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