Infovista and BT Collaborate on Automated Root-Cause Analysis for Enhanced Network Services

Infovista, a global leader in network lifecycle automation, has joined forces with BT Group to unveil an innovative proof of concept centered around automated Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) for fixed voice services.
BT Group officeThe collaborative effort aims to significantly enhance operational efficiency for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) like BT, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

This groundbreaking use case, set to be showcased at TM Forum’s DTW23 event, showcases a cutting-edge approach to expedite response times and identify the root causes of customer or service disruptions. By reducing the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), the collaborative initiative seeks to transform troubleshooting processes within BT’s trouble-ticketing system.

The novel technology involves automated workflows for issue detection, analysis, and alarm generation, providing relevant data to streamline network, service, and subscriber issue troubleshooting. Importantly, this transformation eliminates the need for initial level 1 support and fast-tracks direct escalation to level 2 teams where required. This paradigm shift from manual to automated operations is guided by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring the alignment of services with business objectives.

Franco Messori, Chief Product & Transformation Officer at Infovista, emphasized the significance of this endeavor, stating, “CSPs are under pressure to constantly improve the quality of experience they provide, while simultaneously reducing operational costs… This use case shows how automating daily tasks can help CSPs such as BT both drive operational efficiency and improve customer experience and satisfaction.”

Reza Rahnama, MD for Mobile Networks at BT Group, echoed this sentiment, expressing BT’s commitment to harnessing automation for the benefit of their customers. Rahnama remarked, “Working with the team at Infovista, this use case demonstrates how automating routine tasks and processes delivers for both the business and our customers, and we’re delighted to be alongside them showcasing it to the industry at DTW23.”

The driving force behind these pre-configured automation workflows, including RCA, customer impact analysis, alarm and trouble-ticket lifecycle management, remediation, and validation, is Infovista’s advanced assurance solution, the Ativa™ Suite. Specifically tailored for BT, the collaboration focuses on automating RCA and notification processes, enhancing troubleshooting through intelligent pattern discovery, correlation, analysis, and alarm generation.

The operation of this automated system involves the prompt detection of anomalies by Ativa associated with network degradations within BT’s infrastructure. This triggers a meticulously designed automated workflow, encompassing thorough investigations, multi-KPI checks, RCA, and trace capture. Leveraging the TMF-642 Alarm Management API, the workflow culminates in generating enriched alarms within BT’s ecosystem, complete with all relevant findings for efficient troubleshooting and resolution.

The collaborative effort between Infovista and BT stands as a testament to the power of automation in revolutionizing telecommunications operations. By accelerating issue resolution and enhancing customer experiences, the initiative signifies a pivotal step toward a more streamlined and customer-centric telecommunications landscape.