INTERNEXA’s 100G network will be powered by Alcatel-Lucent solution

Telecom Lead Peru: INTERNEXA’s 100G network will be powered by Alcatel-Lucent solution to offer video and other multimedia content to customers in South America.

The optical network will address the demand for high-bandwidth data services such as high-definition video streaming, Internet applications and cloud services.

The next generation optical coherent technology – based on dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) – offers exceptional performance in existing and new networks.

INTERNEXA will enhance the speed and capacity of its data network to support the distribution of digital content from around the world into the region.

The new network will enable the connectivity infrastructure and telecommunication solution provider in South America to meet subscribers’ fast-growing demands for mobile video, Internet access and other data services in Peru.

INTERNEXA provides connectivity to operators in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and soon, Central America.

The company is migrating digital content currently located outside the continent to data centers in Colombia and Brazil through agreements with the main Content Delivery Network (CDNs). This move will enhance efficiency for operators, quality of service for subscribers and create new opportunities for content developers.

“With Alcatel-Lucent’s innovative 100G solution we’re taking a major step to deploy a highly flexible network that will support present and future bandwidth demand with improved performance and allow faster delivery of services to the market. By creating the conditions for a Latin American Internet we’re building the future for the people in Peru and the rest of the region,” said Luis Francisco Gamero, operations director of INTERNEXA Peru.

“Our DWDM solution offers unprecedented capacity, scalability, bandwidth and the lowest cost per bit for a reduced total cost of ownership. This 100G upgrade will dramatically expand the capacity of INTERNEXA’s network, helping ensure the delivery of high-quality services and providing the operator with a flexible platform to expand their capacity to 400G in the future, with minimal investment,” said Osvaldo Di Campli, president of Alcatel-Lucent in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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