Kinetic’s $10.3 mn Partnership Brings High-Speed Fiber Internet to Chattooga County

In a groundbreaking move set to transform digital connectivity in Chattooga County, Kinetic has unveiled a public-private partnership that will deliver high-speed fiber internet to around 3,400 homes, businesses, and schools.
kinetic fiber internetThis initiative, valued at $10.3 million, has been made possible through collaboration with Kinetic, a prominent broadband provider. The Internet project aims to bridge the digital divide by offering eligible residents access to reliable, ultrafast fiber internet.

The ambitious undertaking will involve extending fiber internet coverage to various areas within Chattooga County, including Summerville, Trion, Lyerly, and Menlo. This expansion will be driven by a strategic partnership between Kinetic and the county, with funding allocated from multiple sources.

Under the agreement, Chattooga County will leverage approximately $3.1 million from a state grant, originating from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds program — an initiative tied to the federal American Rescue Plan. Kinetic will contribute a substantial $7.2 million investment to the project and will also shoulder any additional expenses incurred during the process.

The collaboration will empower Kinetic to lay an impressive 320 miles of optical fiber cable, thereby facilitating the delivery of high-speed internet to homes, businesses, and educational institutions. The comprehensive project is anticipated to conclude by the following year.

U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Rome, commended the joint efforts of Kinetic and Chattooga County, recognizing the transformative impact this partnership will have on the local community. She highlighted the necessity of high-speed internet access in today’s digital age and lauded the commitment of both entities to enhance broadband availability.

Kinetic’s fiber-optic broadband technology offers a symmetrical connection, allowing users to download and upload data at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, providing what is referred to as “next-generation access.” In contrast, the median download and upload speeds in Georgia currently stand at approximately 178 megabits per second and 24 megabits per second, respectively, as indicated by Ookla’s Speedtest data.

Michael Foor, President of Kinetic’s Georgia operations, expressed enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We at Kinetic are thrilled to bring our ultrafast, reliable fiber connectivity and best-in-class internet experience to homes, businesses, and schools here in Chattooga County. This important county deserves exceptional internet, which will meet the county’s evolving demands for business, educational and personal use.”

Households and businesses interested in upgrading their internet speeds or determining eligibility can visit the website or personally engage with the Kinetic Connection Center retail store located at 615 S. Thornton Ave. in Dalton.

Kinetic’s investment in Chattooga County is part of a broader $2 billion multiyear capital investment strategy aimed at expanding gigabit fiber service across their 18-state network. This ambitious project underscores Kinetic’s commitment to propelling digital transformation and bridging the digital divide across regions.