MegaFon builds phase I of 100G WDM Eurasia backbone network using Huawei WDM

Telecom equipment vendor Huawei said Russian mobile operator MegaFon has constructed phase I of 100G WDM Eurasia intercontinental high-speed backbone network using Huawei WDM technology.

Huawei in a statement says the length of the route is about 8,700 km from Frankfurt-am-Main to the Kazakhstan-China border.

The Diverse Route for European and Asian Markets (DREAM) project employs technologies like 100G coherent SD-FEC line cards, hybrid amplifiers and OTN.

MegaFon built the new network connecting Europe and Asia with the shortest and reliable network to ensure low service delay and high user service reliability. The telecom operator looks to address annual traffic growth of over 50 percent between Asia and Europe

Transit system DREAM is designed to transport all types of telecommunication traffic between Europe and Asia. In phase I of the project MegaFon is ready to provide its foreign partners with DWDM communication channels at speeds up to 10 Gb/s. The full system capacity is up to 8 Tb/s.

MegaFon seeks to improve business with its customers: financial corporations, online traders and internet companies, thanks to the unique route of DREAM.

Huawei 100G SD-FEC technology provides long-haul signal transmission, and its OTN technology enables flexible service access and grooming. These two technologies allow the network to deliver huge bandwidth to users within a short period of time. It also enhances MegaFon’s long-haul service provisioning capability, enabling MegaFon to better serve global users.

“Every year the volume of traffic sent from Europe to Asia, along with the demand for the capacity of communication channels, is steadily growing. Therefore, we view this project as both significant and promising for MegaFon’s business,” said MegaFon CEO, Ivan Tavrin.

Earlier, Huawei supplied NE5000E 400G core routers to Russian mobile service provider MegaFon to build the first LTE-based 400G IP backbone network in Europe. Huawei says NE5000E 400G core routersupports flexible capacity configurations by changing subboards to implement networking among 100GE, 40GE, and 10GE.