MegaFon deploys RGB’s Video Multiprocessing Gateway for OTT video service

Telecom Lead Europe: Russian mobile operator MegaFon has deployed RGB’s Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG) and TransAct Packager to provide transcoding and packaging solution for its over-the-top (OTT) video service.

MegaFon launched its OTT service in December 2012 with interactive capabilities to respond to the substantial rise in mobile internet users nationwide.

Levearing the video solutions, the Russian mobile operator is expected to increase its 61.6 million subscribers, which represent a market share of 27.1 percent of Russia’s mobile users.

Vitaly Starodubov, COO at MegaLabs, said: “MegaFon’s entry into the OTT marketplace enhances our competitive position amidst the Big Three of the Russian TV service market, and we hope to secure more than 1.5 million IPTVOTT subscribers across all devices by 2015.”

Ramin Farassat, vice president, Product Marketing and Business Development for RGB Networks, said: “Known for being technically advanced, selection by MegaFon is a testament to our products’ next-generation capabilities. We are delighted to play a part in enabling forward-thinking customers, such as MegaFon, expand their customer reach and ultimately improve their bottom line.”

The deployment is important for MegaFon as it feels that OTT services are essential to the future of video delivery in Russia. RGB’s technology perfectly meets its needs and adds value to its long-term business strategy.

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Verimatrix has deployed Video Content Authority System (VCAS) solution to secure MegaFon’s combined IPTV and over-the-top (OTT) video services. The company leveraged its IP-based network as the foundation for deploying IPTV. MegaFon’s new offering was developed by MegaLabs, an arm of MegaFon for monetizing new products and technologies.

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