Meta Offers Instagram and Facebook Users More Choices to Comply with EU’s Digital Markets Act

Meta Platforms, the parent company of digital platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, said its users in Europe will have more flexibility in managing their experiences across the company’s services.
Facebook ARPUMeta Platforms has revealed that over the next few weeks, users of Instagram and Facebook will receive notifications presenting them with various choices regarding the sharing of information between different Meta services, according to a blog post released on Monday.

This move comes as part of Meta’s commitment to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which mandates that major technology firms, including Meta, adhere to new rules by March 7.

The number of customers on the social media platforms of Meta Platforms has reached 3.14 billion in September 2023. Out of this, 2.09 billion customers are on Facebook, indicating that the number of customers on Instagram is relatively low. Meta Platforms had 899 million Facebook users in Europe in Q3.

Meta’s Q3 2023 revenue was $34.15 billion. In Europe, Meta’s revenue was $6.928 billion in Q3. Average revenue from Facebook users in Europe was $19.04 in Q3.

Among the notable changes, Facebook Messenger users will have the option to decide whether they want their Facebook account linked to their Messenger account or maintain separate accounts for both services. Additionally, Instagram and Facebook users who have linked both accounts can now choose to manage them independently, eliminating the sharing of information between the two.

Furthermore, users will be empowered to decide whether they wish to share information between their Facebook accounts and Meta’s Gaming and Marketplace services, offering a more personalized and customizable experience.

In a statement, Meta emphasized its dedication to complying with evolving European regulations, highlighting the creation of a cross-functional team comprising senior employees from various global locations and apps within the Meta family. The company aims to ensure that its products in the EU align with the DMA while delivering value to users.

The DMA, designed to promote contestability and fairness in digital markets, has prompted major tech players, including Google, to make adjustments to their services to meet the new regulatory requirements, potentially impacting revenues for some companies, Reuters news report said.

In conclusion, users of Instagram and Facebook in the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland can anticipate a range of choices in managing their Meta experiences, aligning with the forthcoming DMA regulations set to take effect in March 2024.


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