Mobile Internet base dips 0.09 percent to 141.94 mn in June

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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI today revealed that mobile Internet base in India fell 0.09 percent to 141.94 million in June 2016 from 142.06 million in May 2016.

India has 141.94 million mobile Internet users – on phones and dongles, 17.32 million wireline broadband subscribers and 0.55 million fixed wireless subscribers in June 2016, the latest broadband statistics available.

TRAI said the number of broadband subscribers increased from 159.76 million in May 2016 to 159.80 million in June 2016 with a monthly growth rate of 0.03 percent.

Top five service providers constituted 84.38 percent market share of the broadband subscribers in June 2016. These service providers were Bharti Airtel with 40.61 million subscribers, Vodafone (32.28 million), Idea Cellular (27.02 million), BSNL (20.56 million) and Reliance Communications Group (14.38 million).

The top five wireline broadband Service providers were BSNL with 9.88 million customers, Bharti Airtel (1.82 million), MTNL (1.10 million), Atria Convergence Technologies (1.02 million) and YOU Broadband (0.56 million).

The top five wireless broadband service providers were Bharti Airtel with 38.79 million customers, Vodafone (32.27 million), Idea Cellular (27.02 million), Reliance Communications Group (14.26 million) and BSNL (10.68 million), said TRAI.