MTN launches Premium Wi-Fi service to improve users’ experience

MTN Group has launched the Premium Wi-Fi service in Nigeria — in partnership with China-based Huawei — to improve users’ experience on the network.
MTN Nigeria broadbandHuawei, one of the technology partners of MTN, said the Premium Wi-Fi can play back the historical home Wi-Fi performance in the last seven days. It demarcates faults based on speed tests by segment and diagnoses major issues in one click to rectify problems in the cloud.

Besides, with the self-trouble shooting function on the mobile app, home broadband users are able to solve certain network problems by themselves, allowing them to manage the broadband performance much easier.

Mohammed Rufai, MTN Nigeria’s Chief Technical Officer, said the Premium Wi-Fi deployment is geared around delivering a superior user experience with high technology.

“Home network experience has become a vital area in improving network quality for us. In addition, we want to solve problems such as Wi-Fi interference, coordination between home network terminals and Wi-Fi coverage which occurs frequently and leads to a large proportion of user complaints,” Mohammed Rufai said.

Huawei is also assisting MTN to launch the Autonomous Driving Network project, including innovative practices such as target architecture design, autonomous level evaluation and high-value use-cases of autonomous networks.

“With this, we can proactively identify and accurately locate fault points on home networks. It will help us to improve O&M efficiency and reduce customer complaints,” says Daniel Smith, a senior engineer with the MTN Group.

“In the future, MTN and Huawei will implement more innovations regarding network automation and intelligence, quickly deploy them on the live network to promptly deliver superior user experience of high tech,” Daniel Smith said.