MTN Satellite Communications launches MTN Nexus

Telecom Lead Asia: MTN Satellite Communications (MTN) has launched MTN Nexus.

MTN Satellite Communications launches MTN Nexus

MTN Nexus will deliver computing, caching and security infrastructure to deliver connectivity and communications at sea and in port.

“Passengers and crew no longer accept limitations — they want to stream video, post their updates on Facebook and share vacation images with friends … or even family members sailing with them on the same ship. MTN Nexus bridges the gap between land-based and sea-based connectivity and content delivery,” said Errol Olivier, CEO and president of MTN.

A Business Insider report said consumers expect to be connected everywhere, as evidenced by the more than 2 billion people online today via Internet devices.

MTN recently made a significant investment in a cruise-specific, purpose-built payload through the launch of Intelsat’s EpicNG satellite constellation. MTN partnered with Intelsat to engineer the delivery of maximum bit-to-hertz efficiency, which has resulted in global interoperability to key cruising areas around the world. The partnership has enabled the delivery of a High Throughput Multi-Spot Beam (HTMS) solution delivering up to 500 Mbps per beam in the Caribbean.

MTN HTMS will enable vessels to roam between MTN HTMS beams and conventional Ku-beams. This collaboration will ensure global coverage and redundancy while reducing cost and antenna complexities. MTN service will remain backward compatible with existing Ku-band satellite systems, current network infrastructure and customer-preferred network topology, making it the most interoperable network available.

The combination of the MTN Nexus hybrid network, coupled with the MTN ShipCloud platform, will enable the delivery of a communication and content products suite specifically optimized for maritime use to deliver social media solutions, content and calling apps for a more enjoyable at-sea experience.

Because MTN Nexus is an open platform, MTN products, as well as cruise-specific products and products from third parties, can be integrated for complete optimization and delivery.

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