MTN South Africa Inks Deal with Eseye for IoT Connectivity Solutions

In a strategic move to advance its IoT offerings and solidify its position as a digital platform leader, MTN South Africa, a subsidiary of MTN Group, Africa’s largest mobile network operator, has announced a multi-year agreement with Eseye, a prominent global IoT connectivity solutions provider. The collaboration aims to standardize on a global eSIM and IoT platform solution, enhancing MTN’s IoT SIM management capabilities.
MTN Nigeria broadbandMTN South Africa, serving approximately 36.5 million customers with a diverse range of services including voice, data, fintech, digital, enterprise, wholesale, and APIs, is on a mission to revolutionize Africa’s digital landscape. The partnership with Eseye is expected to propel MTN towards achieving this goal by offering a comprehensive suite of IoT value-added services beyond connectivity management.

Lawrence Juku, Head of IoT Solutions at MTN Business, emphasized their mission to unlock economic growth through affordable, inclusive, and comprehensive digital and financial solutions. He expressed excitement about the collaboration with Eseye, highlighting the opportunities to provide diverse IoT services such as connectivity, IoT bundles, and value-added services that cater to global IoT needs.

Eseye’s Integra IoT Platform for MNOs was chosen after a rigorous tendering process to power MTN’s next-generation IoT connectivity solution. The platform is anticipated to facilitate the onboarding and connection of millions of IoT devices, enabling MTN to deliver differentiated services across various IoT verticals.

Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye, commended the significance of the contract, citing it as a testament to Eseye’s IoT expertise and technology. He expressed delight in the trust MTN has placed in Eseye to deliver a new global eSIM and IoT platform, envisioning a future strengthened by this partnership.

The agreement entails the deployment of Eseye’s Integra solution in South Africa, with plans to extend it to 18 operating companies across Africa. The implementation will integrate with MTN’s existing infrastructure, leveraging Eseye’s technical expertise and experience to meet MTN’s global IoT connectivity goals. This collaboration positions MTN to support customers with new IoT device connections, both within Africa and internationally, delivering a future-proofed solution that aligns with evolving technologies and regulations.

This strategic alliance represents a significant step towards advancing IoT capabilities and offering innovative solutions that address the growing demands of the IoT landscape, ultimately shaping Africa’s digital future. Stay tuned for further updates on this transformative collaboration.