Nexfibre Reveals £1 bn Investment to Revolutionize UK Broadband Infrastructure

Nexfibre, a full-fibre network provider, has unveiled plans to invest £1 billion in broadband infrastructure this year alone.
Optical fiber investmentNexfibre’s goal is to extend its network to reach 5 million premises by 2026.

Driving Nexfibre’s capability to invest are its strategic partnerships with industry giants InfraVia Capital Partners, Liberty Global, and Telefonica, who have collectively injected £4.5 billion in financing into the venture.

Notably, Nexfibre boasts an exclusive collaboration with Virgin Media O2, the UK’s second-largest retail ISP, providing a robust foundation for expansion and innovation in the broadband market.

Nexfibre’s CEO, Rajiv Datta, anticipates surpassing competitors to emerge as the second-largest network provider in the UK within its second year of operation.

Nexfibre is a joint venture between InfraVia Capital Partners, Liberty Global, and Telefonica. With £4.5 billion in equity and debt investment, Nexfibre is committed to extending full-fibre connectivity to 5 million homes by 2026, with plans for further expansion.

Partnering with Virgin Media O2, Nexfibre aims to wholesale its network to third-party ISPs, fostering competition and choice in the broadband market. Notably, Nexfibre stands apart as the sole significant fibre provider utilizing 10gbps XGS-PON technology.

Meanwhile, Virgin Media O2, in collaboration with its shareholders Liberty Global and Telefonica, has unveiled plans to establish a dedicated national fixed network company (NetCo). This initiative aims to accelerate full-fibre uptake and deployment.

It seeks to position itself as the largest challenger to BT’s Openreach, offering a compelling wholesale alternative to other providers.