nexfibre Surpasses 800,000 Premises Milestone in Full-Fibre Network Rollout

nexfibre, a leading next-generation fibre network operator, has surpassed 800,000 premises and ready for service (RFS).
nexfibre acquires altnet UppThe update underscores the impressive strides nexfibre continues to make in its mission to deploy a comprehensive full-fibre network throughout the UK. With a target of reaching 5 million premises by 2026, the company is on track to achieve this ambitious goal. Projections indicate that nexfibre is poised to hit the 1 million premises mark imminently, positioning it as the second-largest competitive fibre network by the year’s end.

The report provides a detailed breakdown of nexfibre’s current footprint, ongoing activities for the quarter, and planned expansion locations for 2024. A map outlines the continuous growth of nexfibre’s network, with notable coverage across regions such as Lincolnshire, Durham, Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Kent, and Buckinghamshire. The focus on Wales and Scotland is evident, with new areas like Annan, Auchterarder, and Biggar included in the latest release.

Last week, nexfibre revealed plans to invest £1 billion in broadband infrastructure this year, reaffirming its commitment to fostering long-term competition in the fibre access market on a national scale.

Rajiv Datta, CEO of nexfibre, emphasized the company’s substantial progress, stating, “Our aim is not just to transform access to full fibre broadband but also to provide lasting national-scale competition in the full fibre market across the UK.”

Rajiv Datta outlined nexfibre’s strategic objectives, focusing on accelerating rollout efforts and collaborating with growth-oriented ISPs to enhance market presence and customer service quality.

Supported by world-class strategic investors including InfraVia Capital Partners, Liberty Global, and Telefónica, nexfibre boasts significant financial capability, with £4.5 billion in financing secured to drive its expansion goals.

Additionally, its exclusive partnership with Virgin Media O2, the second-largest retail ISP in the UK, underscores the quality and technical prowess of its network infrastructure, paving the way for further ISP collaborations.