NTT Docomo deploys Alcatel-Lucent IP technology for mobile Internet

NTT Docomo has deployed Alcatel-Lucent IP technology to meet demand for mobile broadband Internet services.

To address the growing demand for including videos and music streaming, and multi-player gaming, NTT Docomo will utilize Alcatel-Lucent’s 7450 Ethernet Service Switch (ESS) to enhance speed and capacity of its backhaul network.

Alcatel-Lucent Ethernet Service Switches combine 100 Gbps Ethernet technology that enables NTT Docomo to transmit LTE data, with advanced Quality of Service functionality and high-speed switch technology.

The flexibility of the 7450 ESS means NTT Docomo can make simple network upgrades in response to increased customer demand.

Alcatel-Lucent said the 7450 ESS is energy efficient and helps to minimize installation space and power consumption while improving network performance. Because low power consumption and small installation space are requirements for the Japanese market, these qualities are particularly important factors.

Alcatel-Lucent Japan president Nicolas Bouverot, said: “Our routing and Ethernet service technology offers an unbeatable solution that improves network capacity and performance while minimizing installation space and power consumption.”

TelecomLead News Team