Ocmulgee EMC taps Conexon Connect for fiber internet in rural Georgia

Conexon Connect, the internet service provider, has been selected by Ocmulgee EMC to deliver fiber internet access in rural Georgia within the cooperative’s service territory.
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The cooperative is partnering with Conexon Connect to launch and deploy a fiber-to-the-home network that could span up to 2,100 miles across its middle Georgia territory. The project marks the eighth partnership of Conexon Connect within the state.

The Conexon Connect, powered by Ocmulgee EMC, will deliver fiber broadband services to homes and businesses across Laurens, Bleckley, Dodge, Pulaski, and Telfair counties. The goal is to expand fiber broadband access to all of Ocmulgee EMC’s 8,000+ members.

Conexon Connect CEO Randy Klindt said construction will begin in 2022, with the first members expected to be connected in early 2023. The project will take two-to-four years to complete and will cost at least $40 million.

The Connect, powered by Ocmulgee EMC, fiber network will offer members access to symmetrical gigabit internet capabilities. It will provide phone service and enable the benefits of smart grid capabilities to the electrical infrastructure, including improved power outage response times, better load balancing, more efficient electricity delivery and more.

Conexon has designed more than 200,000 miles of fiber, builds more than 50,000 miles of fiber annually, and has connected more than 500,000 rural Americans to fiber to the home.

Conexon Partner Jonathan Chambers said: “With the addition of Ocmulgee EMC fiber network, Conexon will be building 200 miles a week in the state, offering service to rural Georgia at a pace of 1,000 to 2,000 homes a week.