OIL expands FTTH business with strong customer and technology focus

ONEOTT iNTERTAINMENT Limited (OIL) is building a future ready Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) network to deliver speeds of up-to 1 Gbps in Indian homes.
OIL CEO Yugal SharmaIndia consumes the highest quantum of data globally and is the second largest market for Facebook and LinkedIn. Video streaming remains a key driver of data consumption and even the largest cable television networks in the country are making shows available on their OTT platforms for on-demand viewing.

OIL wants to champion the wave of the on-demand economy with plans to offer convergent solutions – internet access, IPTV and Voice through one wire. OIL has enhanced its number of subscribers to 250,000 subscribers with presence in over 50 cities at the closing of the last quarter from 85,000 at the beginning of the first quarter of 2018.

OIL will be launching an IPTV box bundled with OTT services that will be the perfect entertainment solution for a smart home. The company is also planning to launch smart security, smart lightening and more solutions for a smart living.

OIL is part of the Hinduja Media Group which has around 5 million CATV subscribers across 1,000 cities. There is a ready ecosystem of Last Mile Cable TV Partners in these cities which already have the cable in to the customer’s home. Enabling these growth markets with high speed Internet and IPTV through last mile partnership with LCOs will be key to OIL’s GTM strategy.
India broadband market Jan 2019Internet penetration in urban India stood at 64.84 percent in December 2017 and rural internet penetration went up to 20.26 percent. This presents a huge opportunity for the telecom sector to bridge this rural – urban digital divide.

“We aim to offer a range of solutions that keep today’s connected generation always online, powered through high speed connectivity is one way to progress in India’s growing Digital economy,” OIL’s CEO Yugal Sharma said.

Yugal Sharma has over 23 years of industry experience in starting and setting up businesses in high-technology consumer products.

Yugal Sharma has previously worked in the capacity of president at Den Networks. Yugal Sharma was also one of the founding members of Tikona Digital Networks where he was their COO. Yugal Sharma was a part of the management team that pioneered a low cost, high capacity broadband solution based on 4G small-cell Wi-Fi technologies.

“At OIL, our endeavour is to transform lives of our customers by having their homes smartly secured and comforted, and come with multiple in-home, on-demand entertainment options. Our vision is to be in Top 3 players connecting homes on-line by aligning last-mile-cable partners,” Yugal Sharma said.

OIL is also making its high-speed-internet services available, reliable & affordable to various sections of the society, especially those that are underserved and need internet services to access e-governance services for better health, education and finance.

Rakesh Upadhyay is the CTO of One OTT. Rakesh Upadhyay has over 24 years of experience in the telecom sector. He joined ONE in 2017. His previous experience includes heading Network Planning (South) for Airtel where he spent 9 years and heading Network Planning (Karnataka) for VSNL where he worked for 13 years.

Laxminarayanan CS is OIL’s chief financial officer and comes with over 22 years of rich experience. He joined OIL in 2018. He is an alumnus of IndusInd Media and Communications where he was the finance controller (4 years) & 3i Infotech where he went on to become the CFO (11 years).

Customer Focus

OIL has created the complete network architecture by keeping the customer at the centre for a superior customer experience. The company built network capabilities for a predictive and proactive customer responsiveness to let teams at OIL have alerts on any possible malfunction and to help them to reach out to customers before such disruptions.

Nokia is one of the technology partners. Nokia has assisted OIL to create an end to end Next Generation Network – from Core to Access (FTTH) components. The customer end premise equipment is a managed Nokia GPON ONT capable of supporting 1 Gbps speed to the customer home.

OIL has tie-ups with telcos like Tata Communications, Airtel, MTNL, BSNL and RailTel to provide bandwidth drops across India. OIL is connected to all major Internet exchanges like AMS-IX, DCE-IX, BHARAT IX and NIXI exchanges to improve customer experience.