Orange Polska works with Aethra Telecommunications to test FTTdp

Aethra Telecommunications on Wednesday said Orange Polska is testing Fiber-to-the-Distribution-Point (FTTdp) technology.

Orange Polska and Aethra Telecommunications started field trials in Warsaw this month. It is expected that the FTTdp trials will take several months to complete.

Lab tests were finalized in December.

The FTTdp architecture is based on the concept of using the last tens of meters of copper to overcome the issues related to fiber cabling inside existing buildings, giving the operators lower costs and guaranteed deployment times.


Fiber is cabled up to the basement / floor of the building, where single user GPON to VDSL2 nodes are installed; the FTTdp nodes are then “reverse powered” over the same copper pairs used for data, thanks to a power supply connected in the home of the customer.

FTTdp will enable Orange Polska customers to benefit from the same triple play experience and services offered to FTTH customers, with 200Mbps download speeds, voice and IPTV.

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