Proximus spends 37% of Capex on fiber in first half

Proximus Group said its Capex (excluding spectrum and football broadcasting rights) totaled EUR 287 million in the second quarter of 2022 and EUR 557 million in the first six months of 2022.
Proximus Capex Q2 2022
The increase of EUR 60 million was in large part driven by Proximus’ investments in fiber, which counted for 37 percent of the total Capex, Proximus said.

Proximus passed an additional 122,000 homes and businesses with Fiber, bringing the total to 1,031,000 by end-June 2022, which represents a Fiber coverage of over 17 percent.

Besides Gigabit networks, Proximus’ invested amount includes a rising level of customer-related Capex in particular termination and activation costs for Fiber customers, as well as higher investment in the domain of IT transformation and Digitalization.

Proximus will spend EUR 1.3 billion in 2022 towards Capex and the main focus will be on deployment of fiber network.

Proximus has secured 285MHz for EUR 600 million for the renewal of the existing 2G / 3G spectrum licenses (900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz) as well as buying of new 5G spectrum (700MHz, 1400MHz and 3600MHz).

Proximus crossed the 1 million mark of homes and business passed with Fiber. Proximus Fiber passed an additional 122,000 premises in Q2. Proximus aims to extend Fiber coverage, with the goal of ultimately reaching 95 percent coverage by 2032. Proximus has partnered with a consortium of Belgian financial partners to bring high-speed connectivity to low populated areas.