Rogers Communications to invest over $700 million in Alberta over next four years

Canadian telecom major Rogers Communications will invest over $700 million in Alberta over the next four years.

The investment is primarily aimed at enhancing and upgrading wireless network throughout the province.

Rogers has already invested over $1 billion in network enhancements and expansions across the province of Alberta.

“For the past ten years, we’ve made strategic investments that help fuel Alberta’s growth and empower Canadians to communicate, collaborate and compete,” said Rob Bruce, president of Communications Division, Rogers Communications.

Rogers comm

Rogers Communications will increase overall coverage sites by 40 percent and roll out Rogers LTE to more communities such as Leduc and Chestermere. Currently, residents of Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray and other key markets already benefit from Rogers’ LTE.

The telecom major will be also opening dozens of new retail locations. By the end of this year alone, a total of 12 new retail locations will have opened in 2013.

It will offer next generation business solutions to Alberta’s business community, particularly in the oil and gas sector, including machine-to-machine and connected solutions.

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