Sevastopol Collaborates with AT&T to Bring High-Speed Fiber to Residents

The Town of Sevastopol has joined hands with AT&T to embark on a project aimed at expanding high-speed broadband access to over 2,000 customer locations across the town.
Gigapower from AT&TTown Chair Dan Woelfel expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of fast connectivity in today’s digital era. He hailed the initiative as a pivotal step towards enhancing the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors in Sevastopol.

Dan Woelfel credited the dedicated efforts of the Communications and Technology Committee, led by Supervisor Jeanne Vogel, for meticulously researching and selecting AT&T as the town’s partner. He also extended gratitude to County Board Supervisor Hugh Zettel and the County of Door Broadband Office for their unwavering support.

The ambitious $7.4 million public-private venture will see AT&T deploying fiber services to both residential and business addresses in Sevastopol. The project is slated to commence extensive planning and engineering work in the first quarter of 2024, with the network buildout anticipated to be completed within a two-year timeframe.

Robyn Gruner, Director of External Affairs for AT&T Wisconsin, expressed gratitude for Sevastopol’s trust in AT&T for this transformative endeavor. Robyn Gruner emphasized AT&T’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and reiterated the company’s belief that all communities, regardless of size, deserve robust fiber connectivity.

The project aims to provide residents and businesses with access to superfast internet, boasting speeds of up to 5-Gig with symmetrical upload and download speeds. This enhanced connectivity promises consistent high speeds and increased bandwidth, facilitating seamless multitasking, content streaming, and ultra-low latency for gaming enthusiasts. AT&T Fiber is designed to be multi-gig capable from day one, ensuring compatibility with evolving technological demands.

AT&T’s initiative aligns with its broader mission to expand high-speed broadband access across the United States. Leveraging its extensive experience in fiber optics deployment, AT&T aims to replicate the success of similar initiatives in communities nationwide.

Residents and businesses eager to learn more about AT&T Fiber can visit and sign up for notifications regarding service availability at their address on

AT&T remains committed to its goal of connecting more Americans to reliable, high-speed broadband through various initiatives, including network expansion and affordable internet plans like Access from AT&T, offering speeds of up to 100Mbps.